Birthplace of the
  R E V O L U T I O N

It might look old-fashioned now, but in 1908 the Model T was revolutionary. Inexpensive, light weight, durable, and easy to drive and repair, it was a great value for ordinary families. It quickly became the most popular car on the planet. The Model T changed not only what we drove then, but how we live today.


And it was conceived, developed, and built right here.


  E V O L U T I O N

Today, you can visit the birthplace of the Model T. The Ford Piquette Avenue Plant is again open and evolving into a symbol of Detroit’s ability to invent, innovate, and rebound.

Walk the plank floors worn smooth by hundreds of workers and thousands of cars. See Henry Ford’s competition, his early successes and false starts. Learn how volunteers saved one of the world’s most significant industrial buildings. And support our ongoing restoration and education projects here in the mechanical heart of Detroit.


Join the revolution.




Ford Motor Company was founded on June 19, 1903, and one year later the Model T began rolling out of the Ford Piquette Plant in Detroit, MI. The historic plant is still standing as part of the Motor Cities National Heritage Area, although it definitely isn’t what it used to be.
People often called the Model T a Tin Lizzie, but our bright red 1909 Model T is named “Elizabeth.” Red? Yes, it’s true—Model Ts were offered in several colors until 1914. Our Newest Partners: The Model T Ford Club International!

As the Piquette Plant celebrates its 110th anniversary, what a great time to announce the new professional partnership between the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant and the Model T Ford Club International. Both organizations will be working together to broaden public awareness of the history and heritage of the Model T, “the car that changed the world”.
A joint board meeting was held at the Piquette Plant on March 26, 2014, to discuss how collaborative efforts can enhance the overall missions of both organizations. Examples include special exhibits at the Piquette Plant, additional vintage vehicles, joint educational outreach programs and articles, special admission rates for members, and a potential professional library at the museum.
The Model T Ford Club International is the oldest and most active Model T Ford Club. It proudly serves over 4,000 members with 127 chapters in every corner of the world. The organization publishes The Model T Times, a first-class full-color journal dedicated to the history and preservation of the Model T. It also hosts numerous events and tours, youth scholarships, produces safety guidelines for Model T’s, and hosts a comprehensive website and discussion forum for Model T owners.